The Business


The Business

One of the attractive characteristics of Em-Te Town is its many different separate but integrated components. The Town itself is a showpiece highlighting life in the Old West. The Campground, Cabins, and Motel offer a variety of accommodations for our guests. Then there is the Saloon and Restaurant with licensed outside decks. A convenience store and gift shop doubles as the town post office. Also the barns, corrals, and rodeo grounds allow for equine activities including trail rides. So we like to refer to Em-Te Town as being a Rustic Western Resort albeit with many modern amenities. We try to keep the old west character of the Town while allowing for some of the comforts and conveniences that people of our day and age come to expect.

Tourist Attraction

Em-Te Town was originally conceived as a replica of a Wild West town. The buildings are built in the period style circa 1880 and they contain artifacts which showcase the old west. The original builder, Leonard Mohr, conceived the idea to build a frontier town primarily from western historical literature and novels. The name Em-Te Town comes from a novel by Louis L’amour. Please see our “History” page. Many visitors will come for the day to view the town and relax in its pristine setting. A small admission fee is charged at the entrance. Usually visitors will utilize the Saloon and Restaurant after touring the town. Some will take a trail or wagon ride. Pony rides and the petting zoo are also popular with children.


Town Tours

Group touring is a popular activity often involving senior’s bus tours. We offer a light lunch with soup or salad and coffee for a reasonable price including admission. Often these tours will occur during the week which spreads out the revenue stream taking pressure off busy weekends. Group tours are a growing trend, relatively easy to organise, and cost efficient.

Camping & Accommodations

Em-Te Town boasts one of the more unique and popular Campgrounds in the area. It contains diverse individual site selections, some along picturesque Rose Creek. Group camping is also very popular. 

The Cabins and Motel provide alternate accommodation for those who are not equipped for camping. This allows families or other groups an opportunity to have everyone get together, either as part of a hosted function, or just on their own.

Although Em-Te Town is only one and a half hours away, present exposure to the large markets of Edmonton and Red Deer is well below potential. Repeat clientele, word of mouth, limited print advertising, and website exposure have been the only forms of advertising thus far. This is due to the present owner’s inability to commit the necessary time to undertake additional marketing efforts. We feel that a limited marketing campaign, simply through such cost effective means as RV shows and social media, would result in significantly increased business. Accommodations are booked using a reservations system called Campground Manager. It is an extremely efficient, time and cost effective system, which has greatly enhanced our booking process over the past few years. Essentially clients would make an email inquiry on availability of their preferred accommodation. We reply with an attached deposit form which is then returned back to us containing he relevant booking and payment information. We process a one night deposit at the time of booking. The balance is due on arrival. The system contains many indispensable tracking and search features. Admissions, wood sales, and supplementary charges are all preprogramed. It has its own internal POS system for store sales with programed inventory.

All of the fees and pricing which we utilize are preprogrammed into the

system. For information on existing rates Please see our website at

This program contains historical data on every guest booking over the past few years. The data base also includes all the email contacts which can be utilized for mass email out notifications.

The Campground Manager program and associated computer hardware is included as part of the sale.

Also included in the sale are the official website, associated emails, and phone numbers.

All of this will contribute to a quick and seamless re-start of operations should the new ownership decide to continue as a business.

Weddings & Banquets

Please see our Wedding page


Saloon & Restaurant

Most of the business activity at Em-Te Town revolves around the Saloon and Restaurant.  The saloon doubles as the main reception and registration point. The bar area contains both the food and beverage POS main terminal, and a CM registration terminal.

The Restaurant caters to onsite guests, walk-in visitors, group tours, local residents, business meetings, wedding parties, and also serves as a banquet room for small functions. It contains a secondary POS terminal and service area. For more information on current menu options and pricing please visit


The Store is situated at the entrance to the Town. It is stocked with basic camping necessities, confectionaries, toys, gifts, candy, pop, and ice crème. It serves as the main sale point for wood and ice sales. As it also contains a CM terminal it is often used as a backup for admissions, camping registrations, and horse rides.

Equine Activities

Trail Rides, wagon rides, and pony rides are operated from the tack shop under subcontract with an experience local trail guide. The facility retains a small percentage fee for managing bookings and payments. The subcontractor is responsible for maintaining and keeping clean the corral and barn area. This is another growing component to the business which attracts additional business to the town.



The business at Em-Te town has grown steadily over the last number of years. It is a profitable concern with continued great upside potential. Most of the growth has come from word of mouth and can be attributed to a vastly improved infrastructure and relatively consistent service. To be sure, there have been challenges along the way; however we feel most of the growing pains are behind us. 

Most of our efforts have gone into building and upgrading the facility. In addition, numerous systems and procedures have been developed which have proved effective for the management and operation of this particular business. These all form a valuable template which are available for the new owners going forward.

All of the furnishings, equipment, tools, wares, and other items integral to the operation of the business are include as part of the sale. A comprehensive inventory list is available for the qualified buyer. Also included are the antiques and artifacts contained in the buildings for which a listing is also available. 

Although the business operations were conducted by a separate corporate entity, which does not form part of the sale, we are able to provide relevant financial information which would include actual revenues and expenses to the qualified buyer. Due to the overwhelming interest in the sale of Em-Te Town, and the time consuming complexities involved, we do require that the prospective buyer demonstrate the financial capacity to complete a sale of this magnitude, and be willing to complete a standard non-disclosure agreement. Thank you for your interest and understanding.