Property upgrades

Facility Additions & Upgrades

When Em-Te Town was purchased by the current ownership in 2008,  there was very little active business being conducted prior to the sale. The physical infrastructure of the town and facilities were in a very bad state of repair. 

The existing kitchen could not be refurbished and needed to be condemned. As a result the old kitchen and bathrooms were demolished. A new structure was built as one independent insulated modular unit attached to the existing restaurant and saloon. The overall size of the kitchen was tripled in sized with a pantry and office added. All new commercial kitchen equipment was purchased and installed including a fire suppression and a range exhaust system.

Other major first year improvements include:

- New fence and gates constructed at entrance

- All cabin roofs replaced with new insulation

- All cabin heaters condemned and replaced

- Cat work to grade roads and new campsites 


The Kitchen complex was completed in the spring of 2009. Other major improvements include:

- Replace and repair several town building roofs

- Build new restaurant west & south facing outside decks  

 Purchase outside deck chairs and tables

- Build new restaurant & deck roof system 

- Rebuild jail & barber shop

- Rebuild church foundation and complete roof structure

- Replace east side boardwalk


Construction was initiated on the Banquet Hall in 2010

A new 30amp power/water campground loop constructed

Other major improvements are as follows:

- Clear & grade new open field for future development

- Replace Store roof & deck system

- Refurbish store interior

- Rebuild complete saloon roof and west deck system

- Repair numerous Town buildings

- Rebuild Shower House


Construction of the Banquet Hall was completed in 2011 including wet bar, banquet chairs and tables, cooler facilities, and blackout curtains.

Other notable improvements are:

- Renovate Motel skirting and roof system

- Paint Motel rooms & install new laminate flooring

- Replace west Town boardwalk

- Replace Shower House toilets, showers & plumbing

- Rebuild Barn & Tack Shop

- Replace Corral post & rails

- Build complete new Rodeo Arena

- Remove Creek Bridge & replace with culvert & approach

- Install satellite internet and new communications infrastructure

- Install new POS system


A second power/water campsite loop was constructed in 2012

Other improvements include:

- Refurbish town bathrooms & replace septic

- Renovate Cottonwood House & replace front deck

- Repair Bank exterior & roof

- Build bunk house

- Extend water & power to corrals

- Demolish old maintenance shed & clear extensive junk metal & refuse from maintenance area

- Level & grade maintenance area

- Build maintenance lean-to with lockup rooms

- Grade & seed new campsite group area


Some improvements in 2013 include:

  Replace shower house septic system

- Build new outhouses

- Extend parking lot

- Grade & repair roads

- Renovate saloon bar area

- Replace saloon wood stove and chimney

- Renovate restaurant

- Replace cabin mattresses


A large maintenance shed including tool room & storage racks was constructed in 2014.

Other improvements include:

- Misc upgrade & renovations throughout facility

- New petting zoo compound

- Replace post & rails around town

- Grade & seed power sites

- Replace & stain picnic tables

The primary focus in 2014 was to improve management and operational efficiencies. 

A new computerized reservation system was purchased and installed. This system has proved very effective in  

  - managing all accommodation reservations. It also contains a POS component which is utilized for store sales, admissions, wood and ice. 

- The existing POS system has been modified for use in the restaurant & saloon only.


No significant upgrades were undertaken in 2015. Aside from general maintenance some minor projects including:

- Rebuild perimeter post & rail fencing near entrance

- Sand & paint cabin floors 

- Re-organize & paint laundry room

- Clean up grounds & maintenance area

- Repair & stain picnic tables

- Build lumber racks in maintenance shed

- Stack & store processed firewood in maintenance shed

- Upgrade security system and outside lighting



The primary focus was to improve guest facilities and the delivery of guest services. The Saloon Bar area was remodified to improve reception, quest check, in and food and beverage service functions. Other improvements include; 

- Renovate and paint all motel rooms

- Improve and spruce up all cabins

- Improve access between saloon and banquet hall

- Add new and modify existing storage facilities

- Reorganize the placement of supplies and equipment

- Improve the delivery of facility services

- Install new security cameras


The main focus was to repair the roads. All the main roadways including parking areas were re-graded and substantially graveled. Improvements were also made to drainage.

A new overhead heating system was installed in the banquet hall to allow for increased early and late season usage.

Other improvements include;

- Improve horse trails including new bridges

- Sand and stain banquet hall floors

- Improve several campsites and dig new fire pits

- Grounds maintenance and general outside cleanup

The improvements as listed above represent only a snapshot of the time and resources that went into restoring Em-Te Town as a functioning facility. We are proud of what was accomplished and can confidently say that the present infrastructure is in good order and ready operate as a public business or private  

 retreat. It is a very unique and special place that has multiple components which can be utilized in several different ways. We have done the building and upgrading. We have shown it to be a profitable business endeavor if that is to be its continued use. If that is the case we believe the next step is sustained marketing. The present owners are getting on and no longer in a position to give it all the attention required to maintain the facility and/or grow the business. We hope the new owners will be able to take it to the next level or enjoy it in whatever capacity they desire