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Weddings & Banquets

Weddings have become the fastest growing and most lucrative business component at Em-Te Town. Last year we hosted 15 Weddings from May to September, utilizing most of the weekends during the season. There is huge potential to further increase growth in this area. 

Most of our past bookings have come from word of mouth and through our website. We also participated in a wedding promotional website. On 2 occasions we were able to participate in a wedding exposition from which we received amazing results. Sadly because of other unavoidable commitments we were not able to continue pursuing this avenue. We believe that with increased emphasis on wedding shows, and social media, including Facebook, the wedding component of the business will increase dramatically.

We are very pleased with the success of our weddings overall. There are many factors which have contributed to this including; the banquet hall with its rustic charm; the large commercial kitchen; the saloon and the private hall bar; and the Town itself with its many ceremonial backdrops. The banquet meals, although not usually complicated, have consistently received outstanding reviews from our guests. We must also give credit to our staff, many of whom are locals, for their dedication in contributing to a successful event.

For more information on Weddings please visit our website at www.emtetown.com/bookafuncion

Please also ask for our Wedding & Banquets booklet